Join us for these How-To Clinics

In addition to the variety of programming offered by Recreational Services, we also hold a variety of free “How-To” clinics on numerous topics designed to teach you how to exercise safely, help you stay motivated and add more variety to your workout.

These one-hour clinics are taught by one of our Fitness Instructors and are held in small groups.

Wednesday, September 20, 4:30-5:30pm in SLC Room 119
Intro to Free Weights and Resistance Training 

  • Discussion on the benefits of strength training (i.e. longevity, metabolism, hormonal regulation, confidence, mental health).
  • Explanation of ‘splits’, components of a balanced routine (mobility, cardiovascular health, etc.) and the importance of strategic variety in a workout schedule. Here we will discuss how one may choose to structure their program based on individual goals. 
  • Weight room orientation and overview of difficult-to-use equipment
  • Overview of essential movements and how to perform in a safe and effective manner

Wednesday, October 25, 4:30-5:30pm in SLC Room 119
Leg Strength Fundamentals

  • Discussion of the importance of a balanced body and how to incorporate leg workouts into your routine
  • Overview of primary muscles in the legs, glute, and back and the working relationship between them 
  • Conducting a safe and effective warm up before exercising leg muscles and discuss importance of doing so
  • Overview of key compound movements (i.e., squats, lunges deadlifts), steps to preform including how to set up a squat rack with appropriate safety measures, and discussion of common mistakes
  • Introduction to accessory movements and isolating exercises (discuss importance of preforming these after more strenuous compound movements), and demonstration on how to use our various selector and plate loaded equipment designed for leg workouts
  • Conducting an appropriate cool down and implementing recovery measures following the workout

Wednesday, November 15, 4:50-5:30pm
Nutrition Crash Course

  • Introduce basic concepts of nutrition (i.e., macros, micros, vitamins, importance of a balanced diet)
  • Discuss supplementation and the appropriate measures to take to catalyze goals whether that be muscle gain, weight loss, maintenance, etc. Include discussion of calories and whether that is a beneficial and healthy way for an individual to track their intake and how to know if they are getting appropriate amounts to support realistic and health-oriented goals.
  • Talk about timing of food intake, approaches that may help goals (i.e., not eating late, intermittent fasting)
  • Discuss body image, building a healthy relationship with food, and the severity of disordered eating and how to avoid problematic and unsafe tendencies

Wednesday, December 6, 4:30-5:30pm
Maintaining Balance and Prioritizing Wellness through Finals and Holidays

  • Discuss the many stressors that come along with finals, holidays, time with family, travel, shortened days, and a lessened ability to spend time outdoors
  • Talk about priorities—how the ability and time available to engage in exercise and self-caring activities will inevitably fluctuate in life during busy times, even for persons extremely diligent about their routines.
  • Brainstorm ways one can allow for balance and consistency within their life circumstances even if they are away from a fitness facility, enjoying holiday food with friends and family, or too crammed with school to workout, make nutritious meals, or get enough sleep
  • Discuss body image and wellbeing through the holidays 
  • Go over home workouts and self-care practices one can do wherever they may be/however much time they may have.