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Computer circuit board on a white background to represent our Computer Engineering major

At FLC you won’t just study Computer Engineering: you’ll do it. From ideas to reality, FLC’s CE program gives you access to design, build, and test your projects in top-notch facilities with doctorate level faculty who know you by name. Graduate with technical depth, flexibility, and a grasp on the cultural and social contexts necessary to successfully tackle problems as conscientious global citizens.

Design groups

The hallmark of our Engineering programs is the design sequence. You’ll take a three-credit course devoted entirely to design in your sophomore and junior years, and a six-credit course sequence in your senior year, working in design groups of four to eight students.

These teams of engineers and scientists make actual physical design products, instead of doing only paper studies. The groups are multidisciplinary and use industry practices to mirror how professional engineering projects reach completion.

The design groups and the design projects change from term to term. For example, engineering design projects have included creating robotic underwater vehicles, autonomous watercraft, floating real-time ocean current monitors, and a solar tracker that works without motors.

Computer Engineering at FLC


Yiyan Li, Assistant Professor of Physics & Engineering

"Our students learn to use the same industry standard tools that the pros use. Coupled with opportunities to participate in high-impact research projects and internships, you have a top-notch education."

What can you do with a Computer Engineering degree?

With hands-on learning built into your education from your second year on, you'll be ready for what's next, whether that's graduate school or your launch into the workforce.