The goal of the Engineering-Physics program is to provide a quality scientific and technical education coupled with the unique Fort Lewis College liberal arts general education so that students are prepared to evaluate, understand, and formulate responsible solutions to technical problems within the social and cultural context of today’s complex world.

Our majors, minors and options:


We strive to meet these objectives:

  1. To serve the four corners area with a quality engineering-physics program that attracts regional residents and helps them to succeed – especially Native American students, in a manner consistent with the long-standing tradition at Fort Lewis College.
  2. To give our students the ability to apply scientific and engineering principles to identify, formulate, and solve problems in analysis and design. In this pursuit, our students will need to understand the basis of modern engineering tools and the role of experimentation, and how to apply these methods appropriately.
  3. To train our students to work collaboratively and communicate effectively, particularly in the context of multidisciplinary design problems.
  4. To prepare our students to pursue careers and advanced degrees in a variety of traditional and non-traditional engineering fields. To this end, we will instill in them a recognition of the need to continue learning throughout their careers, and the confidence to do it.
  5. To provide students with an understanding of the professional and ethical responsibility engineers have to society, and teach them to recognize that there are societal impacts of engineering solutions.