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Don’t just study engineering – do it: design. Build. Test.

Robotic arm against a white background to represent our Engineering major

Driven by hands-on learning, personalized instruction, and a strong foundation in mathematics, FLC Engineering majors engage in all phases of the field—from idea to reality. Practical skills and a global perspective equip graduates to adapt and find success in an ever-evolving world where engineering will always be in demand.

Social, environmental, sustainable solutions

Solar Spring Break

A group of FLC Engineering students designed a solar array as part of their Senior Seminar project. That array provides sustainably produced electricity to community members who previously had no electricity, a not uncommon situation in the Navajo Nation. Those Engineering students, and a group of volunteers, then installed the solar array, giving them the chance to see their planning and design come to life.


Eli Dickinson, Engineering major, '19

"The Engineering program here at FLC is super multidisciplinary. We’re exposed to elements of structural engineering, and we also get a good background in physics and electrical engineering."

Village Aid Project

Join a group of dedicated students, faculty, and community partners who volunteer to design and construct water, sanitation, and hygiene systems in developing communities, most recently, Myanmar. Village Aid Project is a non-profit, student-based organization.

What can you do with an Engineering degree?

With countless opportunities to bring your designs to life, you'll get to see the whole engineering life cycle. What's more, our focus on people and community supports you in whatever work head into after your degree.