25Live for faculty & staff event reservations

Faculty and staff now reserve spaces on campus directly through 25Live. Please allow us 24-48 hours to confirm your event.

Contact events@fortlewis.edu for help.

25Live training videos and FAQ

25Live intro video

Single event (one date, time, location)

Check location availability

Multiple dates, times, and locations

Multiple dates and different locations

Publicize with Bulletin Board

Schedule a meeting room in Outlook

Only use outlook to book a meeting that does not require catering, AV setup, or any resources. Not all spaces are available in outlook.


Why can't I book a particular space on campus?

  • If it is an academic space used for classes, there are date restrictions on when you can reserve those spaces to ensure academic courses are reserved first. Starting April 1, you can reserve for August – December. Beginning November 1, you can reserve for January – May.
  • Specific spaces need special considerations to book them (an example is the Ballroom and Vallecito, where we need to consider staffing to set up those spaces), or the space is closed to campus to book.
  • Science labs cannot be reserved in 25Live. Please reach out to the department chair to reserve.

If you think you should have permission to book specific spaces but do not, please email our office at events@fortlewis.edu with your name and the name of the space, and we will investigate it for you!

The day looks available on the calendar view, but I can't book it. Why? 

Some events with setup or catering require time before and after the event to set up, which can block space on the calendar without showing the event.

Why can't I see a location when I know it exists on campus? 

Depending on what group you are in 25Live, that allows you to see and request specific spaces on campus. If you think you should see particular spaces, please email our office at events@fortlewis.edu.

The location I want is booked, and I don't know what other location to choose. 

Please choose a “TBD location”; the events office will be notified and reach out to you.

When can I reserve the Ballroom or Vallecito in the Student Union? 

On-campus departments may reserve Student Union spaces 3 years in advance