Rent your tech

Student typing on their laptop

FLC Tech Bundles keep you connected

As responses to COVID-19 call for us to shift more of our education online, we’re shifting the ways we support you getting online. You can rent a laptop and/or a wifi hotspot for the semester to keep you connected right through final exams (which are all online for Fall 2020). It’s like having a computer lab you can take with you.

Additionally, for those who do not have a smartphone capable of running the FLC app for symptom tracking, we have loaner wifi-only smartphones available. Details below...

We have you covered all semester long

Fall 2020 you'll see more aspects of your courses go online: we are offering more online classes than ever before and using Canvas to supplement in-person instruction. In addition, all Fall 2020 final exams will be online between November 25 and December 4.

Rental period

Semester rental periods run through the following break. Spring rental includes the summer semester. Rental agreement periods:

  • Fall 2020: November 9, 2020 – January 25, 2021
  • Spring 2021: November 9, 2020 – August 1, 2021 classes (includes summer without charge)
  • Summer 2021: 5/7/2021 – First day of Fall 2021 classes
  • Laptop rental
  • Internet wifi hotspot rental
  • Loaner smartphone
Laptop rental

$100 per semester / $75 summer semester only


Dell Latitude 3410 laptop with Windows 10, 8 GB memory, 256GB SSD storage. Essential student software is preloaded, including MS Office, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Google Chrome, and other applications for scholarship at FLC. When you graduate, you'll have priority position to purchase a surplus laptop from FLC.

Internet wifi hotspot rental

Renting a wifi hotspot means you can take the internet with you. It's a portable wifi connection for your laptop. We can not guarantee that any hotspot will work in all locations, but choose between four carrier options based on where you expect to be when you use it.


$200 per semester | Unlimited Data 30GB/Month 4g then drops to LTE
We recommend Verizon for use in rural areas. Go to Verizon's website for coverage information.


$150 per semester | Unlimited Data 30GB/Month 4g then drops to LTE
We recommend CellularOne for use in Arizona and Navajo Nation. Go to CellularOne's website for coverage information.

T-mobile / Sprint

$150 per semester | Unlimited Data 30GB/Month 4g then drops to LTE
We recommend T-mobile for use in cities. See T-mobile's website for coverage information.

Kajeet / Verizon

$75 per semester | 500 MB/Day, Internet filtering, unavailable between 03:00 AM and 06:00 AM
We recommend Kajeet for casual academic use. See Verizon's website for coverage information.

Loaner smartphone

Free of charge

Campus-wide, we'll be using the Fort Lewis College app for symptom tracking (this feature becomes available mid-August). If you do not have a smartphone capable of running the app, you may use a free loaner wifi-only phone for the duration of the semester. Use the form on this page to get your loaner.

Get your tech bundle

Reserve your laptop, hotspot, and/or loaner smartphone online. You may pay with credit card or charge it to your FLC student account.

Rent your tech

Pick up your tech bundle on campus at Media Services in Reed Library or choose to have it shipped to you for $25.

Financial support

If you need financial support for technology rental for school, please indicate so on your application by selecting the payment option "Reserve Equipment Pending Financial Assistance". A limited amount of funding is available to support students with technology needs.

Rental agreement

When you reserve your tech bundle, we’ll send you a link to the rental agreement. The agreement includes accepting the terms for unreturned or severely damaged equipment. You’ll be charged $700 for a laptop, and $400 for a hotspot, if you do not return it or return it severely damaged.