Our printing and copying services

We have a pay-for-print system in the computer labs. Students are given a print quota each semester they are enrolled. Once that balance is exhausted, the system will deduct from Skycash. To check your balance, navigate to https://print.fortlewis.edu/user and log in with your FLC credentials. 

Webprinting with Papercut

Print from anywhere or from any device and release the print job at any of the printers in the selected population.

Lab Printing

  • There are 37 computer labs with printing available
  • The printers are defaulted to black & white and two-sided 
  • $0.05 per black & white page
  • $0.15 per color page
  • Plotters available for posters or other large prints
  • New! Print to all lab printers from anywhere                                

Residence Hall Printing

  • There are 33 printers placed throughout the Residence Halls
  • Print to all Residence Hall printers from anywhere
  • Save on color prints in the Residence Halls at $0.10 per page 

Printing in color


  • The copier and scanner in EBH 10 computer lab is available for students. Make copies and scan documents to your email.
  • The copier is black & white only (scans to email in color)
  • $0.04 per copied page
  • $0.01 per scanned page