Various campus departments authorize access to all administrative information system data 'owned' by those respective departments. Ownership of Banner data, forms, reports, and processes is assigned to the administrative department directly responsible for the particular functionality, and the director of that department is the data steward for that data.  For example, the Records office 'owns' registration data, forms, reports, and processes, and the Registrar is the data steward.

Banner accesses for employees are restricted to only those forms, reports and procedures that are necessary to perform job functions and to which access has been approved.  The data steward (or designee) who owns the particular data is responsible for approving any access to forms, reports, or processes that are not included as part of a typical Banner account. The IT Administrative Information Systems team administers such accesses upon approval of the requesting data steward.

Common Requests

  • For Budget access in Banner, contact the Budget Office.
  • For P-Card re-allocation access, contact Purchasing.

General Data Ownership

Form Data Module Steward
Student Records Student Theresa Rodriguez

Felicia Arredondo Perez
Assistant Registrar
Admission Student Jess Savage
Director of Admission
Finance (Non-Budget) Finance Holly Estelle
Budget Finance Staci Ewing
Interim Budget Director
Accounts Receivable/Billing Accounts Receivable Holly Estelle
Personnel Records Human Resources Erin Beezley
Director of Human Resources
Financial Aid Records Financial Aid Jed Gilden
Director of Financial Aid

Contact the following individuals:

For Forms Beginning With Contact
S Theresa Rodriguez, Registrar
F Holly Estelle, Controller
T Holly Estelle, Controller
R Jed Gilden, Director of Financial Aid
P or N Erin Beezley, Director of Human Resources