Lab Printing

We have a pay-for-print system in the computer labs. Your account should be associated to one or more department budgets. When employees print in the labs there will be a popup for account selection. This screen allows the individual to select personal account and charge to their SkyCash.  

  • There are 37 computer labs with printing available
  • The printers are defaulted to black & white and two-sided 
  • $0.05 per black & white page
  • $0.15 per color page
  • Plotters available for posters or other large prints
  • New! Print to all lab printers from anywhere                                

Secure Printing from Anywhere and Any Device

Send the print job to the print environment from your office, from home, from your personal device, then release it at any of the managed departmental printers.

  • Documents can be uploaded through your print account portal: or
  • While uploading, select the environment to which you would like to print. Either all computer labs or all Faculty and Staff managed printers.
  • Print jobs are released by using your SkyCard ID or your FLC username and password at any of the managed departmental printers
  • Print jobs are held for 12 hours before they are deleted
  • Print jobs are charged and then removed from the server after printing
  • Print jobs can only be released by the account that uploaded the document


  • There are 24 copy machines around campus as well as numerous departmental multi-function printers
  • The copiers are black & white only (scans to email in color)
  • Use your SkyCard ID for quick access to the copiers or FLC username and password will work as well 
  • $0.04 per copied page on the Konica Minoltas
  • $0.01 per scanned page on the Konica Minoltas
  • $0.01 per copied page and $0.01 per sheet of paper used on the HP Multi-function printers
  • Scans are at no charge on the HP Multi-function printers