Cisco IP Phone User Guide - this guide will show you the basic components of your phone and how to use its various functions.

The following guides are in .pdf format and can be printed:

Cisco Unity Guide - this is a matrix of numeric commands to use when navigating through the voicemail system.

Voice Mail Distribution List Instructions - Learn how to create and use voicemail distribution lists.

Since these new phones use our network, does that mean that we will be without phone service if the internet is down?

No, our phones are using our internal network, intranet, then go out through the Qwest phone lines.

When I'm accessing voicemail I'm asked for my ID number. What is that?

Your 4 digit extension number, or, if you share a phone but have your own voice mailbox, your 4 digit voice mailbox number.

I entered an extension to forward a message to and the system said the extension was not a valid entry. I know the extension was correct, why would I get this error?

If the person you are attempting to forward a voicemail to shares their phone, you would need to know their voice mailbox number rather than their extension number. Since there is no good way to find out what that number is, you would be better off using the name spelling feature for selecting the voice mailbox to forward the message to.

I am trying to give a message to another user and am being instructed "...spell the name of a person or distribution list...". Is there a way to enter an extension like we did with our previous voicemail system?

Yes, at the end of the message press 5 (to forward the message), then press the pound sign twice, ##. You will be asked to enter an extension. To toggle between spelling and number entry, press the pound sign twice.

I have more than one line appearance on my phone and see missed calls for all line appearances. Can this be changed?

No, if you have more than one line appearance, your call histories will reflect missed calls for all line appearances and there is no way to discern which line a missed call came in on.

My name does not appear on the Campus Directory accessed through the directories button on the new phones, or my listing is incorrect. Who do I contact to fix this?

Email with the correct information.