If you're on campus you can call any other on-campus phone by dialing the four digit extension of the other phone. To make off-campus calls you must dial “9” first. To make long distance calls you must have an “Auth-code”. Dial 9 then 1 then the area code, then the number.  Enter your Auth-code followed by the # sign. You cannot share "Auth-codes" with other staff as this violates college policy. If you do not have one, you may request an authorization code.

If you are a new employee and have not received voice mail setup instructions in your e-mail, please contact the IT Call Center (x7444 or e-mail askIT@fortlewis.edu) to request that voice mail be setup for you. To learn more about your telephone go to the IP Phone Guide page.

To add new IT services, please search http://theFort.fortlewis.edu for the service you need.