Welcome to the Information and Cybersecurity website! The INTERNET connected world is full of things. There are good things, like keeping in touch with family and friends, collaboration, organization and research. There are risks as well, things like ransomware, identity theft and compromised systems and accounts.

This site is about helping you safely get through the not so good parts. Explore and learn about how to protect your computing environments from current cyber vulnerabilities and threats.


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Follow these four simple best practices to ensure a cyber-safe computing experience while studying and working here at FLC:

  1. Did you know your system can get infected with malware just be visiting a site, even if you do not click on anything? Read about best practice #1 here.
  2. Cyber criminals want YOUR email and network account credentials, and they are at work every day to get them. Stop them! Read more about best practice #2 here.
  3. It's easy to click on pictures, attachments and links, especially when they seem to come from friends, family and social media. Things aren't always as they seem... Read more about best practice #3 here.
  4. Despite best efforts, sometimes files become lost or systems compromised. When this happens, backups are almost as good as a time machine. Read more about best practice #4 here.