Setting up network accounts


When you are admitted, a network account is created for you. To activate your account, follow the Account Activation process below. Your FLC ID can be found in your acceptance letter.

Faculty and staff

Employee accounts are created automatically when all Human Resources paperwork is complete. To activate your account follow the Account Activation process below.
This account is used to access most services available to you and to also login to your computer.

Temporary accounts

All other temporary accounts are requested via an electronic form. All accounts must be requested by a supervisor or VP.

Important: A Banner ID is required.

Authorized volunteer accounts

If you need to request an account for an authorized volunteer, please follow these steps and review the authorized volunteer guidelines:

  1. Authorized Volunteer completes authorized volunteer form and uploads this to the HR secure upload website
  2. Supervisor should email with the authorized volunteers first name, last name and valid email address.
  3. Authorized volunteer will complete onboarding app and background check.
  4. Once both are complete, IT & HR work together to finalize the creation of the FLC account, FLC email address and FLC username.
  5. Instructions on how to activate that account will be emailed directly to the authorized volunteer.

Account activation

To activate your account, visit the account management page at and click on the Activate Your Account link. You will use this link to learn your username and also set your initial password.

Remember, passwords must be at least eight characters in length and contain three of the following four items:

  • upper case letter
  • lower case letter
  • number
  • special character

Fort Lewis College IT personnel will never ask for your password.
Please keep your password private.