Semester Long Reservations

To reserve a computer classroom or smart classroom for the entire semester please contact your department chair. Semester long reservations are entered into the master schedule and take precedence over drop in reservations.

Drop-In Reservations

Computer Classrooms

Please check availability.

Which lab will work best for you?

Berndt 570 24 Windows
EBH 30 30 Windows
EBH 34 30 Windows
EBH 7 18 Windows
Reed 2E 38 Windows
Noble 120 24 Windows
Jones109 36 Windows*
Jones163 24 Macintosh*
Art 164 20 Macintosh

*These Labs switched Operating System platforms Summer 2018

Use the AskIT portal to Request a Lab.

Smart Classrooms

To reserve a smart classroom (NOT a computer lab) for a drop-in reservation, fill out the Room Reservation form. If you have further questions, contact the Student Union & Event Services Department at 970-247-7502.