Microsoft Training

Fort Lewis College has an enterprise license for Microsoft Teams.  Many of you are using teams to collaborate and video conference.  Everyone in FLC, students, staff, faculty are licensed to use teams. There is a lot of functionality available to use and more is being added daily.

Hone your skills and discover features with your daily Microsoft app use! Microsoft has teamed up with FLC to provide live remote training sessions in frequently used and potentially under-utilized Microsoft apps via Teams.  These trainings are designed for a front-end user perspective to improve your efficiency and knowledge of features and functionality in Microsoft apps like Teams, Planner and newer additions like Bookings.

The first app covered will be an introductory level overview of Microsoft Teams:

Friday November 20th from 12pm 1pm MST | MS Teams L100 

  • Become an expert on navigation across requested modalities and know key application features
  • Understand how teams fits into their collaboration and productivity workflow
  • Learn to how Teams fits into the Microsoft 365 and its integration across those products using their digital identity within Microsoft 365
  • Work more efficiently with connected apps
  • Learn to participate in a successful Team
  • Get familiar with creating and participating in meetings 

Go to Teams L100 Recorded Training

Look for notifications about upcoming training sessions on other Microsoft apps:

Friday December 4th from 12pm 1pm MST | MS Teams L200 Agenda

  • Revisit application navigation to fortify understanding and introduce advanced features
  • Take a deeper dive into integration with Microsoft 365 family of products while also discussing integration of 3rd party Tabs, Apps, and Bots
  • Have an in-depth look at document collaboration and SharePoint integration
  • Explore the end-to-end journey using Teams Meetings, highlighting pre-meeting, meeting, and post-meeting best practices
  • Know how to leverage effective strategies for creating, structuring, and managing Teams
  • Utilize best practices for increasing response rates and managing their own notifications

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Friday December 11th from 12pm 1pm MST | Forms L100 Agenda

Go to Forms L100 Recorded Training

Friday January 8th from 12pm 1pm MST | Planner 100 Agenda

Go to Planner L100 Recorded Training

Request a Team or Group Teams and Groups include Planner.

Friday January 15th from 12pm 1pm MST | *MS Teams Event Organizer L150 Agenda
(Overview of  Microsoft Stream in Teams, live meetings and recordings) 

Go to Teams Event Organizer Recorded L150 Training

Friday, January 22nd from 12pm 1pm MST | Bookings L100  

Go to Bookings L100 Recorded Training

Banner Training

Banner training begins an introductory course available on Canvas which covers basic navigation and use of Banner. For training beyond the basics, we recommend new Banner users or people needing additional training contact the department responsible for the specific area you'd like to learn. For example, if you need training for budget related functions, contact the Budget Office, or if you need help with alumni information, contact the Office of Advancement. Individuals working in offices that use Banner everyday to accomplish their specific needs and business processes are the best resources for additional training and data standard questions.

AIS Documentation and Training Resources (requires login) - includes documentation and training resources for Banner, Automic Application Manager, Document Imaging, and Touchnet Payment Systems.

Note: You must have an active Banner account in order to successfully access the AIS Resources website.