General Information

Updating the FLC College Directory information is done through Banner.  If you are responsible for doing the updates for your department, and you do not have access to the forms listed below, please contact the Help Desk at x7444 or to get access.

GZADPER is the Banner form used to update a person’s directory information.  This is used to add employees or change the way the listing appears. This page contains two blocks of information.

GZADDEP is the Banner form used to update a department’s information. This is used for entering the main office number, fax machine numbers, and removing employees from the department. This form contains three blocks of information.

Navigate from block to block by using your favorite Banner method to move to the Next Block. You may use the tab key to tab between fields within a block.

Changes that have been saved in these Banner forms will appear in the Interactive Online Faculty and Staff Directory immediately.  The printable PDF directories will be updated nightly.

 Adding Employee records
  • Go to form GZADPER, enter the employee’s FLC ID and select 'Go'.  The person's name and email address should appear.  (This is the name as it will appear in the directory. If you want to use a nick name or remove the middle name, do so here.)
      • Enter the FLC e-mail address, if none exists.
      • Optional: The employee's mobile phone number and Fort Lewis web site information are optional fields that may be included here.
      • Temporary Work-around (for Banner 9 issue)
        • Add something to middle initial field (anything - we'll remove it shortly)
          • Click save or press F10
          • Remove information from middle initial field
          • Click save again (or press F10)
          • Proceed to next step
    • Use Next Block to navigate to the Directory Details block.
      • Using the drop down menus (if they exist), fill in each field in this block.  
      • If the person’s title does not exist in this drop down menu, you may type in the correct title and it will be added to the drop down list.
      • Print Seq = A will put the name in Alphabetical order in the directory.  Using a numeric will put the list in the order you specify.  Sometimes department's use a '1' for the Director, and list other staff alphabetically.
      • On Leave - leave blank unless person is on temporary leave and will return later
  • Save the information by clicking on the save icon, or using the F10 function key.
Updating Department records
  • New departments may be added by sending a request to
  • Contact email field specifies the email address of the person responsible for making directory updates for this department.  The IT Dept will send an email to each department contact every other month, showing the current department list.
Removing Employee records
  • Use form GZADDEP.
  • Use the drop down menu for the Dept field to find and select the correct department
  • Select 'Go' to bring up the Department Details
  • Navigate to the third block of information by using the Next Block function.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate to the record you would like to remove.
  • Remove the employee information by using the Banner Delete Record function (not the Delete key on the keyboard). You can do this by using the Delete icon for the 'Employees in Department' block, or by using the Shift+F6 keys on your keyboard.  (Please do NOT use the 'Delete' key on your keyboard, as this does not remove all of the data.)