The Banner Temporary Account Audit Report provides departments with an opportunity to review temporary Banner accounts assigned to their organization while also allowing the Administrative Information Systems group to maintain Banner Security processes. Accounts listed on this report are considered "temporary employee" accounts and include Banner accounts for student employees, contract employees, and employees hired through temporary staffing agencies (such as SOS Staffing). Regular Fort Lewis College employee accounts are not listed in this report.

Responding to the Temporary Account Audit Report 

If you are the supervisor for the accounts listed in the report, please review the accounts as listed. If you would like to make account assignment changes or modifications to the expiration date, simply reply to the message with the changes. Your message will be sent to and a Footprints ticket will be generated.

If you are not the supervisor for these accounts, please reply with the appropriate Supervisor's name, if known, or else indicate 'Supervisor unknown' in your response.

If you have individuals utilizing Banner Accounts that are not listed in this report, please also include the Banner account the individual(s) are currently using, his/her name, Fort Lewis College ID number, and the type of user (contract, work study student, or temporary agency) so the account can be updated appropriately.

General Information

All active Student Banner accounts must be renewed each term and will be given an expiration date commensurate with the end of the current term. Summer accounts will be given an expiration date commensurate with the end date of the third summer session.

Each temporary employee within a department must be assigned a separate Banner Username/Account, including accounts that are considered "generic." For example, "Records_ST1" is considered a "generic" username; only one specific student can be assigned to and use this account. Multiple employees are not permitted to use or share the same Banner account at any time.

All Banner accounts require a Banner ID and the first and last names of the person who will use the account.  This includes staff hired through staffing agencies and who are not on the FLC payroll.  Please see policy notes.

If you have more individuals than existing Banner usernames, IT will be happy to create the necessary additional accounts.

Policy Notes

Banner accounts are given an expiration date commensurate with their type of status and per FLC Policy 6-16 IV.

Additional Note Regarding Temporary Staffing Agency Employees

Because staff hired through temporary agency staffing services are paid through that staffing agency and not through FLC payroll, occasionally these employees do not have any Fort Lewis College ID number. As part of the enhanced Banner Security practices, all Banner accounts will be assigned to specific individuals, and as such, must have a FLC ID number. Please provide the FLC ID number and the full name for all temporary agency employees. If there is no Banner ID for the individual, please contact Human Resources to have an ID created.