Requesting Administrative Systems Access

To request access to Administrative Information Systems such as Banner, Applications Manager, Argos, and Perceptive Content, please complete the AIS account request form.

Note: Before you can request administrative system access, the individual for whom you are requesting access must be an active regular employee (full time or part-time faculty/exempt/classified) or a temporary employee (hired through a staffing agency) in Banner. You will need the employee's FLC ID # (aka 900#) to complete the request.

Special Note for Temporary Employees

Network access for temporary employees (typically hired through a staffing agency) is requested separately. Note that this only applies to temporary employees that are not paid through Payroll at FLC. Please use the Network Account Request form to request the network access before requesting Banner access.

Special Note for Student or Work Study Student Employees

All student employees are issued temporary accounts, which must be reviewed and renewed every semester. For more information, refer to the Banner Temporary Account audit information.

Student Banner access is assigned through a special student/work study network account. If you do not already have these accounts, you can request them using the Network Account Request form.