Below is a list of Information Technology fees and charges. These charges are subject to change so please bookmark this page rather than printing a copy.

Please note that these charges will be added to your department's monthly IT billing.

Service Connection Fees

Phone Line $136.00/ea
Voice Mailbox $20.80/ea
Network Jack Activation $61.80/ea
Network Printer $24.80/ea
Cable Television $61.80/ea

Monthly Service Fees

Phone Line $34.00/ea
Voice Mailbox $5.20/ea
Network Printer $6.20/ea
Network Camera $5.00/Camera
Cable Television $14.00/ea
Smart Phone/Cell Service Varies based on service level/usage
WS Refresh Monthly costs  
       Refresh Year 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
Windows Desktop $24.00/ea    $18.10/ea $22.55/ea
Windows Laptop $31.50/ea $23.10/ea $25.55/ea
Windows Notebook $16.67/ea


Macintosh Desktop $40.55/ea $30.20/ea $30.40/ea
Macintosh Laptop $44.20/ea $30.40/ea $30.60/ea

Equipment Charges

Cisco IP Phone Replacement $225.00/ea
Wireless Headset $150.00/ea (varies based on current market price)
Wireless Headset Lifter $44.00/ea (varies based on current market price)
Smart Phone Varies based on current market price
Regular Cell Phone No charge unless upgrading or requesting special phone

Network Account Charges

Faculty/Staff Account $15.40 per account per month
Authorized Volunteer $15.40 per account per month
Work study Student $15.40 per account per month
Guest Account (must be affiliated with FLC) $10.20 per account per week

Computer Lab Rental (see Policy 6-9 for more details)

Facility Usage Fee for non-FLC accredited courses (must be affiliated with FLC - Examples: Continuing Education, Upward Bound) $60.00 per hour (includes one computer account for use in the lab during the reserved time)