Dr. Dene Thomas' charge to the 2011-12 Old Fort Steering Committee in September, 2011was as follows:

  1. Establish priorities for the types of uses and activities that can take place on the Old Fort property.
  2. Develop processes to announce, accept, and review applications for revenue-generating activities, academic uses, or community activities that comply with the established priorities.
    1. The applications MUST include a complete financial analysis of the start-up costs, regular operations, and predicted revenue streams, and indicate how the financial responsibilities will be assumed.
    2. The Steering Committee has the authority to require that the applicant post a bond prior to recommending approval of an activity.
  3. Develop policies and procedures for the start-up, regular operations, and shut-down of activities on the property, including seasonal activities that are currently operating on the property.

The Old Fort Steering Committee will provide written reports of their activities on a monthly basis to the Old Fort Financial Advisory Committee and to the State Land Board. The report will include recommended approvals for any new revenue-generating activities or academic or community uses.

2011-12 Members

  • Old Fort Coordinator/Chair:  Beth LaShell
  • Faculty Representative: Dr. Cynthia Dott, Biology
  • Student Representative (appointed by ASFLC): Mike Kelly
  • Staff Representatives: Roy Horvath and Richard Miller
  • State Land Board Representative: Tobin Follenweider
  • FLC Board of Trustees Representative: Heidi Baskfield
  • Community Representative:  Kalen Elliott
  • FLC Foundation Representative:  Barbara Harris