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Become prepared to succeed as a performer, educator, promoter, or producer in today's musical world. Our small classes, never taught by graduate assistants, provide you with individualized attention. The Music Program faculty is unequaled by any comparable institution in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Accredited by NASM

We are fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). Your future employers and graduate program admission boards will know you're receiving a quality education.

Music program students will experience the following learning outcomes:

  • Musical Mastery
    • Master their instruments. If they're studying performance, they'll be really good at their main instrument.
    • Understand music and be able to use that knowledge to teach music, work in the music industry, or perform music.
  • Examining Musical Practices (Problem Solving)
    Study and talk about music from different cultures and time periods, and be able to explain their thoughts about it to help them in music careers.
  • Community Engagement (Communication and Professionalism)
    Use music to bring people together and help them learn about different cultures.
  • Professionalism
    • Make materials that show they're ready to work in music teaching, the music industry, or as a performer.
    • Show respect, be responsible, and do what they say they will do.
  • Effective Pedagogy (K-12 Education Only) (Problem Solving and Communication)
    Learn how to communicate with and teach music to elementary and high school students.

Upcoming music events

Published on Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Bean Minor, Piano, Junior Recital

Event date: 12/10/2023 5:00 PM Export event

LocationRoshong Recital Hall
PriceFree Admission
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Author: Blaylock, Shauna

Categories: Music events


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