About music scholarships

We offer a number of music scholarships for our students. The deadline for all scholarships is March 15 unless otherwise noted in the criteria. Our current scholarships include but are not limited to:

  • Al Rose/Marion Jarvis Scholarship
  • David Bishop Reynolds Percussion Student Scholarship Fund
  • Jane Knott Memorial Scholarship
  • Gertrude Brown Scholarship
  • Carol Cory Memorial Piano Scholarship
  • Durango Choral Society Linda Mack Scholarship
  • Shawn Ellgood Scholarship
  • Viola Wommer Hallsted Scholarship
  • Music Department Scholarship
  • Jan Roshong Memorial Scholarship
  • Irma B. Strawn Violin Scholarship
  • Walter and Martha Dear Music Scholarship

Contact us for details on music scholarships.

Apply for a scholarship

Foundation and Departmental Scholarships, including Alumni Scholarships, the Civic Match Scholarship and the Skyhawk Emergency Grant, are sourced from private donors and provide financial assistance to first-time, degree-seeking, undergraduate students. The Fort Lewis College Foundation offers hundreds of these privately funded scholarships each year. Student recipients are chosen based on:

  • Academics
  • Achievement
  • Financial Need

In addition, students may be eligible for departmental scholarships based on academic major.

Scholarship Information