Engineering Program Objectives & Outcomes

Expectations of our Engineering B.S. graduates working within industry:

  1. Possess and demonstrate the fundamental technical skills and knowledge required for success in the engineering profession, or in graduate or professional study.
  2. Possess and demonstrate additional skills and knowledge necessary for success in a professional environment, including clarity in communication, ability to work on a team, an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities, and recognition of the need for lifelong learning.
  3. Successfully pursue a broad range of career paths.

Expectations of our Engineering undergraduates upon graduation:

  1. Our students will have experienced a core of humanities, social sciences, and communications and demonstrate the use of this core to support the technical content of their engineering curriculum.
  2. Our students will become competent in fundamental math/basic science subjects.
  3. All graduating  students will be competent in a group of core engineering and physics fundamentals. 
  4. Upper level engineering and physics students will have had the opportunity to demonstrate depth in a discipline specific area and/or prepare themselves for graduate education. 
  5. All engineering students will be proficient in engineering design and demonstrate design competence through a capstone experience .
  6. All engineering and physics students will be laboratory and computer proficient with current laboratory and computer methods.
  7. Engineering and physics students will be encouraged to participate in an experience that broadens their perspective beyond college within an industry or culture.