The Old Fort

Old Fort at Hesperus Sustainable Agriculture Programs

Old Fort Market GardensThe Old Fort at Hesperus is a growing and multi-faceted answer to farmer training in the Four Corners region. Welcoming everyone from college interns for brief summer experiences to incubator farmers ready to start a business, the Old Fort offers good (and challenging) growing conditions, supportive and knowledgeable staff, a lively farming community, and rich resources for high elevation market farming. 

Our three primary programs are:

2018 Applications are due on Friday, December 8th for all programs.  Please review all documents listed below:

Program Information 

Application for Farmer in Training Program  PDF Version  Word Version

Application for Market Garden Incubator Program PDF Version  Word Version

Site Guidelines

Education Garden

The Education Garden is a half acre production space devoted to giving Fort Lewis interns an introduction to small-scale sustainable farming.

Farmer in Training

For those who want more experience before starting their own business or getting a farm job, farmers-in-training (FITs) work 2-3 days per week, both in the Education Garden and co-managing a 1-acre plot in the Incubator Field from May through October.

Market Garden Incubator

The program’s mission is “To offer an alternative point of entry for beginning farmers in the Four Corners region, providing them with access to support services that enable them to develop the skills necessary to succeed.”