Food storage and Corrals

This overhead view of the food storage building and corrals to the East was taken in 1916. A brick dairy building was added on in the 1920s and the food storage building was converted to a dairy processing facility.

Food storage building looking West




This undated photo was taken on the deck of the old food storage building looking West. It shows some old houses that have since been torn down.










In this more modern day picture, you can see the large stones used to build the building in 1888 on the left-hand side of the building. The smaller bricks used to add on a peaked roof dairy barn are clearly visible on the right.

Note: The small window on the upper left end of the building still has the original bars used to protect the food from animals.




From 1991 until 2012, Fort Lewis College Department of Agriculture used the old dairy barn portion to house market hogs as part of a hands on project for AG 101. During this time over 1,000 students interacted with pigs by weighing and measuring them throughout the semester.

In 2018, a portion of the food storage building was converted to equipment storage by the Southwest Conservation Corp.