ring of keysEvery effort is made to maintain the security of State of Colorado and Fort Lewis College (FLC) property and to insure the safety and security of FLC students, residents and employees. In order to achieve that goal, the following procedures will be followed when dealing with keys to campus structures:

  • Anytime a building or office key is needed, a Key Request Form must be filled out and signed by the authorized department chair. All areas of the form must be completed and turned into the PPS Service Center before the key request can be processed. Keys that access areas shared by one or more departments, must have signatures from the involved parties.
  • While key holders bear responsibility for maintenance and use of their keys, department cost center directors will bear ultimate responsibility for key misuse, loss, or non-returned keys - NOT the PPS Service Center.
  • Keys will be issued and assigned to students only to the extent necessary for them to perform their jobs or assignments properly. They will be issued on a trimester basis only. Keys must be turned in on the last day of the trimester by 4:00 p.m. to the PPS Service Center. Students that have not returned their keys will have a hold placed on their transcripts until the keys are returned or the applied fees paid.

Lost Key Procedure:

Any time a key is lost, the official key holder must send an email stating where and when the key was lost, what are the circumstances and how was it identified.  The email must be sent to the PPS Service Center with a cc to the Department Chair or Director that approved the issuance of the key.  Based on the circumstances a decision will be made on how to handle the lost key.  Appropriate charges will apply.

The official Campus Key Policy can be found in Policy 9-7 (Key Policies and Procedures) of the Fort Lewis College Policies website.

Key and Electronic Access Request Form

I will be changing departments and my successor will need the same keys. Can't I just pass them on to him/her?

No. Until you have returned your keys and been provided a receipt, you will be held responsible for those keys.

How much does it cost to replace a lost key?

The standard charge to replace a key is $7.00. The standard charge to re-key a lock is $35.00 per lock, with one new key provided. If it is necessary to re-key a number of locks, the charge will be the total of all expenditures required to complete the re-keying. In cases where locks have been vandalized, the charge will be a total of all expenditures required to restore/replace the damaged materials.

I can't find the key to my filing cabinet or desk. Can I just turn in a work request?

Yes. Generally speaking, desks and filing cabinets contain material that is low security information. Unless they contain 'sensitive' material that the department head wants security maintained by the college locksmith, a work request can be submitted.

I have been requested to submit to a key audit. Am I obligated to do so?

As a verification of key records, a key audit may be performed either on a department or an individual basis. The college auditor has mandated that the PPS Service Center perform checks at various intervals. Key audits will verify that all keys assigned to an individual are still in his or her possession. Department audits will verify all individuals who have been issued keys by this department.

The student I have authorized keys to will need to keep them another trimester. Does he/she need to return them and have me fill out another form?

No. The department chair that originally provided the request can allow the student to keep the key by providing an email stating the reason for the extension of privileges. This email must be sent to the PPS Service Center prior to finals week.