recycling binsPhysical Plant Services picks up recycling materials from collection points around campus. The collection points are outside the buildings. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for depositing appropriate recycling materials at the collection bins. Fort Lewis College participates in the Single Stream Program. Break down cardboard and tuck it beside the existing recycling stations and recycle all clean glass in the designated glass recycling bins. All other materials can be put into the bins labeled Single Stream Recycling. Please be sure to empty and rinse all containers. Here is a complete list of recyclable materials. Recycling that is contaminated with garbage or non-recyclable materials (e.g. plastic bags, liquids and food residues, etc.) will be emptied into the trash which defeats the purpose.

recycling infographic

Collection points on campus are for Fort Lewis College use only.

The Physical Plant also has programs in place to recycle campus furnishings, asphalt work and irrigation water. The school's carbon footprint is also reduce through energy management and green energy.

Recycle map

construction material recycling containerAs mini projects and maintenance operations take place, waste materials from around campus are brought back to the Physical Plant Services Yard and thrown in a trash roll-off. To optimize the campus' environmental responsibility a red recycling roll-off ;is used in the back lot. The container will be hauled off to a Recycling Center where it is separated and inventoried. It is ONLY for Fort Lewis College official use—not personal items and we must make sure no traditional trash is put in this bin. It is estimated that campus saves over 200 cubic yards per year of material which would otherwise be put into landfills.