The Electrical Systems Maintenance shop maintains campus lighting, electrical, electronics and power distribution systems to provide the campus with safe, reliable and efficient operations.

The Electronics Shop maintains a 43 node campus wide fire alarm system with fiber optic loop, campus two-way radios including three repeaters, master clock systems/standalone clocks, electronic lighting timers and athletic scoreboards.

Fire Alarm System

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The Electronics Shop conducts yearly fire alarm system inspections and tests nearly 6,000 devices campus wide.

A dialer fire alarm panel contacts a contracted call center in case of a general fire alarm in a building. The contracted call center notifies Durango/La Plata Emergency Communications Center to dispatch Fort Lewis College’s Campus Police and the Durango Fire and Rescue Authority (DFRA).

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Keep fire exits and passageways free and clear of storage and wastes.
When you hear fire alarms with horns and strobes— CLEAR THE BUILDING—first responders will be on their way shortly.

For more information on Fire Protection Systems click here.

Electrical Safety Tips and Rules

electrical boxIf electrical breakers are tripped, don’t just reset them, report it to PPS. It is safer to have the electricians figure out why the breaker is tripped - than to have a problem in the wiring that causes a fire.extension cord prohibited sign

Extension Cords should only be used for temporary power. If there is a need for additional outlets, please turn in a work order to see if the electrical requirements can be met safely.

Make sure appliances in break rooms and coffee areas are turned off when not in use.

Never use Halogen Bulbs in light fixtures. They burn too hot and are prone to start fires.

Hazardous Energy Control Program (LOTO)