Welcome to Winter in the Rockies

The National Weather Service has issued the season’s first winter storm warnings for the San Juan Mountain areas. Hazardous weather outlooks show clouds, rain and cold temperatures in this area for the near future.

Heating Systems at Fort Lewis College

mechanical room with heating systemFor maximum comfort of the faculty and students, the PPS Mechanical Systems Maintenance has activated heating systems campus wide. The heating devices require Techs to respond to each building separately. Once the units are operational they are mostly monitored and/or controlled by an automated Energy Management System, so as the outside temperature warms up throughout the day the boilers are disabled to maximize cost savings. Campman working with computerized energy management systemus standards are to keep buildings between 68 and 74 degrees. Fine-tuning these operations at startup can be a challenge. With the campus community’s help, we should hope to keep everyone in the “comfort zone”. Feel free to report to the PPS Service Center any temperature extremes outside the 68 to 74 degree standard, and we will try to get to them as soon as possible. Requests for adjustments in heat can be turned in via the work request system.

Vehicle Travel Over Mountains

All Motor Pool vehicles are equipped with Tire Chains. Please make sure you are familiar with the installation process of tire chains, especially if you plan to travel over the mountain passes. Training Programs for Extreme Weather Condition Driving are available. The programs are required for anyone driving campus Motor Pool vehicles starting December 1st. If you are interested in taking the course early, please contact the Physical Plant Service Center at extension 7000. Even if you are traveling in a personal vehicle or renting a vehicle at your final destination, you are welcome to sign up for the online class.