With recent reductions in staffing and budgets, Physical Plant can no longer accommodate all move requests. Requests for items moved to "Surplus" are non-chargeable. All other moving of department furniture, equipment or materials is a chargeable service regardless of the work being performed by Physical Plant or an outside vendor. Minor moves of a single piece of furniture or a reasonable number of boxes may be accomplished by Physical Plant as long as the time frame to complete the move is flexible. Larger moves involving a complete office or multiple offices will have to be accomplished by an outside vendor.

To facilitate moves when Physical Plant staff is not available Physical Plant maintains an open Purchase Order with a local moving company. Whenever possible, several move requests will be aggregated into a single request of the moving company to reduce the charge to each department. When this is not possible due to the time requirements of the move, a minimum charge from the moving company may be incurred.

Furniture, equipment or materials left in hallways will be moved at the department’s expense.

REMEMBER that any moves or change of campus space needs to be processed through AFC first.