ELECTRICAL PANELS / BOXES - fire code requires at least 36" in each direction. This includes a clear path to the box and nothing directly in front of the panel so the electricians can work safely on the box.

FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANELS - First Responders MUST be able to easily and quickly gain access to and around all Fire Alarm Control Panels.

EXIT AND EMERGENCY DOORS - Any doors with an exit sign above them requires the door to be free of obstruction at all times. During times the building is occupied the door must be unlocked in a way that people inside the building can get out (without special equipment or keys to unlock the door).

HALLWAYS AND CORRIDORS - Furniture should never be placed in a corridor which restricts the width of egress area. Hallways and corridors should never be used for storage areas.

CLOSED STAIRWAYS - fire code requires these stairways to be free of any storage and/or combustible material. This includes all types of furniture. A closed stairway is one that has doors on each level which remain shut at all times.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - All extinguishers need to be hung on the wall - never store one on the ground. The area around it needs to be kept clear. If it is stored inside a case, the case must have a visible opening so one can quickly check to see the extinguisher inside and the inspection tag / pressure gauge must be in open view.

SPRINKLER HEADS AND SMOKE DETECTORS - fire code requires these devices to be free of all air movement. Nothing should be hung from them, nor should anything be within 3 feet of the devices.