PureSafety logo The Physical Plant Services Department wants to give all staff an engaging safety learning experience to keep people safe, healthy and on the job.

There are regularly scheduled safety meetings as well as the PureSafety LSMS fully hosted web-based system which is used to train and track safety programs.

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Shop Safety Procedures

Every safety and health program has a single purpose - - to keep people on the job by reducing accidents, injuries, and illness. However, safety programs are more than injury-prevention programs. They are designed to improve the life of all employees, both at home and at work.

Each shop in the Physical Plant Services Department has task specific procedures.


The Fort Lewis College Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan establishes procedures, methods, equipment, and other requirements to prevent the discharge of oil into or upon the navigable waters of the United States (U.S.) or adjoining shorelines for the Fort Lewis College Physical Plant (Fort Lewis College).

This Plan is a carefully thought-out plan, prepared in accordance with good engineering practices, and which has the full approval of management at a level of authority to commit the necessary resources. In accordance with 40 CFR 112.3(d), this Plan includes a Professional Engineer's review and certification.

This Plan, and the implementation thereof, is designed to complement existing laws, regulations, rules, standards, policies and procedures pertaining to safety standards, fire prevention and pollution prevention rules, so as to form a comprehensive balanced federal/state spill prevention program to minimize the potential for oil discharges. The Facility will continue to comply with other Federal, State or local laws.

A copy of the SPCC Plan is available at the Physical Plant Service Center.

Click here for a copy of the SPCC Plan currently on record.