wet floor signsThe Custodial Department provides a clean, safe and healthful environment in the assigned areas of campus general fund buildings.

Services may be requested or oversights reported by employing the Work Order Request Form or calling the PPS Service Center at extension 7000.

General Fund Buildings

Physical Plant Services Custodial Department is funded to clean “public areas” only in campus general fund buildings (academic and administrative buildings).  Public areas cleaned include restrooms, general classrooms, labs and circulation (hallways, stairs, etc.).  The specific cleaning service provided in each type of area is described below:


Restrooms in the academic and administration buildings will be cleaned five times per week.

General Classrooms

Classrooms will be cleaned five times per week.  This includes vacuuming or mopping floors, black/whiteboards, general straightening of desks, tables and chairs and emptying trash receptacles.

Classroom designation is given to an area where credit classes are taught and the Records Office schedules classes in that space.  Areas where only one department can schedule classes are not considered general classrooms.  Roshong Recital Hall is considered a classroom.   Whalen Gymnasium and the Swimming Pool are classrooms that get special care according to use.


Academic labs (Record's Office schedules classes in these spaces) will have floors cleaned and trash emptied five times per week.  Custodians are not responsible for cleaning lab tables or shelves and are instructed to leave lab departmental equipment alone (the band room is considered a Lab).

Circulation Areas

Hallways, stairwells, entries, vestibules and foyers will be cleaned five times per week.  This includes floors and trash receptacles.

Other Public Areas:

The library will be cleaned five times a week.

Most departments have a central “reception” area for staff/faculty coordination and receiving/answering questions. These areas as well as copy rooms will also be cleaned five times a week.

Tutoring Areas, Practice Rooms, Student Lounges, Conference Rooms, Faculty and Staff Offices

These are all considered departmental spaces and are not included in the Physical Plant budget for routine cleaning.  Work orders to clean these areas may be submitted but will be chargeable to the requesting department.  During the summer months PPS Custodial Operations will project clean as many of these areas as time permits.

Cubicles are considered to be individual offices and will not be routinely cleaned.  Hallways between cubicles are considered circulation areas and will be routinely cleaned.  Custodial staff will not be expected to enter private offices or other departmental spaces to empty trash receptacles.

Concert Hall, Chapel

These areas are cleaned on an “as needed” basis according to use.