Request a name tag or name plate

Name tags and office name plates are ordered by submitting a work order to Physical Plant Services. Please speak with your supervisor first to avoid duplicate orders. Please note that there is a 4-line maximum for name tags and a character limit for each line. If you have a long title or department that spans two lines, please provide guidance on how you would like your information prioritized and edited. Your request should follow the format below:

I would like to place an order for a name tag (and name plate if appropriate) with the following information

  • line 1: First and last name   [character limit 25]
  • line 2: pronouns [optional]
  • line 3: title [character limit 35]
  • line 4: department [character limit 35]

Note that the 4th line may be used for tribal affiliation if you choose to do so. In this case, please provide either your title or department for the 3rd line. 

Use the images below as a guide.

name tag samplename tag info samplealumni info nametagalumni info nametag

Work orders may only be submitted while on campus.

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