Physical Plant Services is budgeted to address only routine operation and maintenance requirements of the College. This definition is strictly limited to work required to operate and maintain existing facilities, utility systems, grounds and athletic fields and to provide support for specific special events. Non-routine departmental service requests will be performed only if funding for labor and material is identified and provided by the requesting department. Non-routine institutional service requests will be funded from institutional funds.

Routine operation and maintenance of facilities includes:

  • Maintenance and minor repair of buildings and building equipment. (examples)
  • Operation of facilities for normally scheduled activities including making necessary adjustments to building equipment and systems, scheduling the operation of equipment and systems, responding to improper temperature complaints, etc.
  • Performing normal and periodic maintenance on building equipment such as changing filters, lubricating, greasing, adjusting drive belts, cleaning strainers, testing and inspecting equipment, adding chemicals to cooling tower systems, replacing light bulbs, etc.
  • Minor repairs to building equipment such as packing valves, replacing drive belts, replacing bearings and seals replacement of a faulty light switch or wall outlet, repairing egress lights, repairing/replacing worn door hardware, replacing an irrigation head, etc.
  • Seasonal maintenance such as cleaning chillers and cooling towers to prepare for summer operation or testing boilers prior to heating season.
  • Resetting clocks and changing batteries in clocks in classrooms, student study areas and maintaining the master clock system.
  • Providing custodial and grounds services for normal operations and activities.
  • Providing set-up and support for special events specifically identified in Physical Plant policy 9-11.
  • Field preparation and support for regular season Fort Lewis College Varsity athletic events.

Non-routine departmental service requests include:

  • Repairs to department equipment. (examples)
  • Set-up and support for events not specifically identified in Physical Plant policy 9-11 including grounds and custodial support.
  • Resetting clocks and changing batteries in clocks in offices, conference rooms and department areas.
  • Special projects, alterations or modifications of facilities. (See Physical Plant policy 9-XX.)
  • Furniture and equipment moves or relocations.
  • Field preparation and support for pre and post season athletic events and tournaments and for any club sport or non-Fort Lewis College athletic event.