BH 400 classroom



This is a Nomad podium classroom.  Use the remote control touch panel beside the monitor to turn on the Data projector, to select what is projected and adjust the volume.  To learn more on how to operate the Nomad podium, please use the link for training videos.

Berndt 400

List of Nomad podium features:

  • Document Camera (pullout shelf on left side of podium- choose Document Camera on touch panel)
  • Dual Monitors
  • External Device connections (pullout shelf on side of podium- External Device on touch panel)
  • DVD/VCR Player 

List of Classroom features:
  • Data Projector
  • Lighting

For more instruction please watch these instructional videos:

Nomad Training Videos

Berndt Hall room 400 workstation

Image of lighting panel in Berndt Hall 400


There are several banks of dimmable fluorescent lights in this classroom. The lighting control panel has several different settings and is located by the door near the computer.




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