To Project the Computer

  1. Power on the projector and log in to the computer.
  2. Make sure that the laptop switch is not blinking and switching the input to the laptop cable. If there is no laptop switch, change the input to computer 1.
  3. When you are done, power of the projector by hitting the power button once, then one more time to confirm.




Connecting a Laptop


  1. Locate the VGA cable (blue) next to the computer monitor.
  2. When projecting, locate the laptop switch and click that so the red light is blinking. If there is no switch, use the remote to change the input to computer 2.
  3. For audio, connect the spare auxiliary cable and make sure the sound system is on.





List of AV Equipment in this Classroom 

24 Computers for students
1 Instructor computer
Large format plotter
Wall-Talker Dry-erase Projection Surface
Data Projector



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